Does P90X Work?

Does P90X Work?

Yes it does.

I have to laugh at myself. Back in March of 2008 I think I tried my 2nd round of P90X. It’s hard to remember but I have “before” pictures in October 2007 but then I have no records of anything after that. I never completed 90 days of P90X it until May of 2010.

P90X Round 1

In January of 2010 I got in the “biggest loser” competition at work. The first month and a half I didn’t lose a pound and wasn’t really trying much. Then my wife and I decided it was time to get fit and healthy. I had gotten up to 194 pounds. I know this because I remember my “biggest loser” weigh-ins. The #1 thing we did was set a date and planned out what we were going to be eating for all 3 meals. We decided on about 12-15 different big meals we would have at night so that way there was no question on what we were going to be making.

This was the first time we finished a full 90 days of P90X and had great results. I lost 20 pounds and was feeling good in the 175lb. range. That summer right we decided to try Insanity. That was a bad choice because I guess we still weren’t quite that committed and did not complete it.

During The Next Year

From August 2010 until August 2011 I really didn’t do much. My wife took off and completed P90X 3 more times. I did work out here and there by using the Cardio X DVD after work sometimes. So basically for 12 months I didn’t do anything AGAIN. What a waste of a good 3 months I had early on. On my wife’s 4th P90X run I stared with her and then “life happened” and I had to stop midway.

Round 2

August 2011 I was ready to commit and finish what I started. Since then my wife became really interested in being a Beachbody Coach. Through this she got excited about Shakeology and so she got me into it as well. After this 2nd round I’m a believer that Shakeology helped me get over the hump of getting rid of the extra fat around my muscles.

I started around 175 and finished this round at 160 and as you can see in the pictures I lost a lot of the fat that was on top of my muscle. All of my 34″ work pants are now to big and so I had to go buy new pants for work and new jeans. Sometimes a medium shirt fit if was made big but now I’m pretty much buying all mediums.
p90x results

What’s Next?

Just a few days ago I started Insanity: The Asylum and hope that after 30 days of this program I’ll lose the final portion around my belly. You can see the top part of my trunk is tight but the bottom is still pretty loose. When the new year starts my wife and I will go through P90X2 together and see where that takes us. My basic goal is to get through the next 4 months without missing workouts and everything should fall into place.

2012 is coming up and it’s the biggest time of the year to get started with your fitness. I can’t wait to continue with my programs and see where I can get by April 1st. What about you? Do you need to set some health goals?

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  1. Nice work man, after not drinking for a month I finally feel like I have the energy now to start working out regularly again, it’s awesome!

  2. browie says:

    Totally agree. I’ve been following your Month off. It’s amazing how you can start feeling different after 1 week and 2 weeks.

  3. You need to give credit to your coach…. ME

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