PeerFly Proof

PeerFly is Crazy

Ever come across a marketer telling you how they make so much money with a certain network? Well now if they say if they are earning huge commissions with PeerFly network you can call them out and ask them to show you their PeerFly Proof.

With our cool new site you can easily show your PeerFly earnings and referrals on forums, your blog, or any website you want to show off on or prove your affiliate marketing ability!

PeerFly Proof

PeerFly Banners

Take a look at another site they have created called PeerFly Banners. This is the coolest site they have to offer. You can create a code that will generate a rotation of banners in the peerfly offer database. Those of you that have some high traffic domains need to check this out because you could be leaving money on the table if you’re using adsense.

PeerFly Offers

The next site on the list of why PeerFly Network is so awesome is PeerFly Offers. Want to look through the database of offers before you join their network then take a look here and see what they have to offer.

PeerFly Add-Ons / Extensions

Need instant gratification on how much money you’re pulling in with PeerFly? The PeerFly Firefox Add-on or the PeerFly Chrome Extension is for you then. Instantly check on your stats and see how you’re doing. The Chrome extension will actually update live with a little window on each conversion.

Who Did This?

So who went to all of this work to make PeerFly one of the most unique cpa networks around? The Affiliate Manager Luke Kling. I don’t know if he comes up with these himself but the guy can code and create some great looking websites. Check his blog out at

I’ve typed so much on the extra stuff you can use if you Join PeerFly that I’m all out of room to discuss the network alone. If you’re headed to ASW 2012 in Vegas make sure you stop by their booth and tell Luke that “browie” sent you.


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