SEO Link Monster Review

SEO Link Monster Review

seo link monster

Let me begin with this SEO Link Monster Review by saying I have decided that 2012 will be more about SEO than any internet marketing that I have been doing. I have tried a few small niche sites before and have some success. The problem I have is I love creating but don’t like to work on it after I have built it. Link building an writing more turns me off and so I’ll make a few dollars here and there but never get it solid.

In comes SEO Link Monster. Just by looking at who has created it: Brad & Matt Callen along with Dori Friend. I know this is exactly what I want to be apart of. My early guess was it was another “Build My Rank” or “SEO Link Vine” type of site and I was right. There is though a major difference in what they have done compared to Brad’s Link Vine.

SEO Link Monster Difference

The major difference is that SEO Link Monster blog network was carefully created by them and not by users of seo link vine and some of the other networks out there. They have built and bought, over the years, aged domains that have plenty of authority already. Some of the other blog networks out there have user generated blogs which may have been bought last week for all we know.

Another major difference is Dori Friend. She has helped create SEO Link Monster without being a big name guru that the average marketer knows about. You won’t see her name plastered all over other products like others. She has done her work over the years and been a silent genius with SEO that it’s nice to see her help create something like this.

SEO Link Monster price

The price for SEO Link Monster is $47 for the initial month. After your first month it jumps to $147/month. This is a huge jump so if you’re going to get started you better make a few bucks right off the bat or have a long term plan to cover the expense. There are other blog networks out there that cost less but with some of them they increase the price when you add more domains to your target list.

===> Get in SEO Link Monster for $47 <===

seo link monster

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