Hello World! The famous phrase Tiger Woods gave to the media when he became a professional.

Brian Johnson is the creator of Browie.com The name ‘browie’ comes from a nickname I received years ago. I am a math teacher by trade but love fitness and helping people.

I have a wonderful wife and beautiful daughter.

I was always an athletic person and loved to play sports. When I got into the “real world” I stopped all of that and gained weight until I was 195 pounds. That January in 2010 was a real eye opener and I committed to P90X that March and lost some of the weight. From there I continued on the health and fitness journey and now stick around the 160 pound area.

If you’re looking to shed that weight or gain some muscle I’m here to help. I’m ready to help you when you’re ready to receive the help. Read my entire transformation story at
My Ultimate P90X, Insanity and Shakeology Transformation


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